So, I thought I had uploaded the remainder of my blog to this site, like, almost 2 years ago. Turns out, I did not. I don't really check this from the front side, apparently. Well, now I've moved on, and crashed a computer, and don't have time to pull that hard drive out and stuff, so I just scrapped the Mexico blog for now. There's a far more important thing at hand, anyway, which is the Mullet Fundraiser.
Go here to check it out.

This is "The Real Matt Gyver" because my nickname is MattGyver, but is taken. We've been through this before, the first time I decided to start a self-serving website, but got busy and abandoned it. I don't know why I think I'll have more time now, but whatever. It's my party and I'll fail at building a website if I want to. Anyway, the other MattGyver's site is pretty sweet. He's actually a talented graphics guy, unlike me, who is a poser hack. Check out his site. It's good. We communicated once. He seems like a pretty sweet dude. The "real" is in no way meant to demean his MattGyverness. I just couldn't come up with something more creative. In retrospect "" would have worked just as well.

If you need to contact me, here you go:

Yes, it's a hotmail address. I know that's doubleplusuncool, but I never got around to gmail. This seems like a pattern. Maybe that's why my grades weren't so good.